Character Development {Shedding The Light On An Awesome Character}

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DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the extra S in Awessome above. I was rushing and didn’t notice that. O_o

We all know what must come after plotting, and before writing. Character development. I hate it, but I love it. Honostly, it’s exciting to be able to create a character. Flaws, personality, features, and on and on I could go.

To make it a bit easier, I kind of started a little Pinterest board for Character Development. I’ve got lots of sheets to still print out and fill out for the binder than I have yet to buy. O_o

So, until then, I’ll try and track my progress on my Pinterest, in a journal or a peice of paper. Goodness, I can be so messy. 😉 Anyway, onto character development!

I’m going to be using two sets of questions from the Beautiful People meme (hosted by Cait & Sky).

This character development project is for Jave Starcaught, one of the main characters in my 2017 WIP, Facility 52.


1. Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?
  I’d say it’s mutual. It’s a possibility, but not something that’s the center of her mind. 
2. What is their weapon of choice? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical weapon.)
  Honostly, it’s a tie between a 9 mm pistol, and a .38 cal.
3. What’s the nicest thing they’ve done for someone else, and why did they do it?
  Jave’s not eactly the ‘nice guy’ kind of girl. She’s rather timid, stays away from people, and spends hours a day away from humanity. So, the nicest thing she’s ever done is probably NOT give someone a black eye when they might have deserved it. 😉
4. Have they ever been physically violent with someone, and what instigated it?
  Definitly. Many times. Most of the time, in her earlier childhood, towards a boy. She never hit a girl — who didn’t deserve it. 
5. Are they a rule-follower or a rebel?
  Rebel. No doubt. That’s what made her stick out. 
6. Are they organized or messy?
  Funny story. Organization is actually her tic. When she’s stressed, she organizes. She LITERALLY can’t control it.
7. What makes them feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?
  When someone accepts her lack of outer-emotion. The only person who seems t be that way is her dad.
8. What do they eat for breakfast?
  Food is not something they take lightly. Probably cheese, and a peice of bread. Possibly an apple, if she feels good.
9. Have they ever lost someone close to them? What happened?
  Let’s just say that certain people find out a little too much, and other certain people don’t tolerate that. Top-secret executions occur. 
10. What’s their treat of choice? (Or, if not food, how else do they reward themselves?)
  Hunting. That’s her reward, from herself to herself.
11. What is their first childhood memory?
  Probably tracking and hunting with her sister and father when they were much younger.
12. What were their best and worst childhood experiences?
  Worst, probably birthdays. Birthdays are quiet, gloomy, and pretty much sad.
13. What was their childhood home like?
  I guess it was sad, except for the light that her parents would shed. I mean, they live in a sort of tyranny. It’s not exactly utopia.
14. What’s something that scared them as child?
  There was this story about a mad-man who lives in the forest and kidnapps children when they turn 16. That scared her when she was younger, but as she got older, fear shifted.
15. Who did they look up to most?
  Her father.
16. Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?
  Any food was good food.
17. If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?
  It wasn’t the past that bothered her. It was the future that scared her the most.
18. What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?
  Quiet, timid, strong-headed, wierd.
19. What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?
  Family was all she had. Everyone else was scared of her. So her relationship with them was amazing. Though, she enjoyed being with her dad the most as she got older.
20. What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?
Dreams were overrated for their time. It was all about learning the practice of serving the Government. You get good grades. You go to fancy schools. You learn the signals and codes. You grow up to work and obey the government. And if you don’t, you disappear. You dream of NOT dying. That’s it.


I’ve been working on my character development a lot lately, especially for Jave. I’ve been learning throughout writing that even if the story is amazing, it can all be ruined by a prematurely-developed character.


 Have you ever participated in Beautiful People? What do you think about Jave? Have you been working on much character development lately? Who is your character? I’d love to chat with you guys in the comments! 



16 thoughts on “Character Development {Shedding The Light On An Awesome Character}

  1. Awesome post, Allie! I definitely agree that a well-written story and well-developed plot can mean nothing if you don’t have well-developed characters. I absolutely LOVE developing characters — it’s honestly one of my favorite things about writing!

    To answer your questions: I’ve only participated in Beautiful Books (once), but I’m soon going to post a Beautiful People post, and I’m super excited! 😉 Jave seems pretty awesome! I’d love to know more about her appearance so I can get a clearer picture of what she looks like, but from this post, I learned a lot more about her personality and thoughts and feelings. Hmm, right now, I’m outlining the plot, because I got a lot of character development done before I actually plotted things out (you could say most of my stories are character-driven). But I DO need to go back and develop my two antagonists, so… 😄 Hmm, I have five main characters/protagonists (!!!), so that’s a little hard to juggle, but it’s really fun! Then I have two other important characters, the antagonists.

    I’m really excited to read more about your WIP, Allie! Facility 52 seems super awesome! 😀


    1. Hi May! Thank you so much! Haha, yes! It’s defiantly fun… at the beginning. But honostly, it can be tiring. Character Development is something I dread. It’s hard making them imperfect, and being creative with a person. It’s certainly a thrill at first though. Once I finished the post, I was very very very warn out lol. I’d really like to know a lot more about your characters!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Allie! 😀 Yeah, once you get near the end… 😄 Oh, yes, it can get very tiring! I agree — it’s very very hard to create a realistic character. But with more time and practice, it gets easier! As long as the character has at least one big flaw, I think that’s good. 🙂 AND YES. Making each character different is so hard, isn’t it???
        I think you’re doing a good job of developing Jave, though, from what you posted here. 😀
        I recently did a post on my blog that briefly introduced my novel and my characters, if you’d like to check it out. 🙂


      2. Hey May! Yeah, hahaha! It’s a tiring process. But I think that if you balance it out with plotting and writing and possibly surfing pinterest, you’ll survive. 😀 Aw, thanks May! Do you really think so?

        that is just what I need right now! I’ll go check it out! Thanks May!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hiya Allie! It really is a tiring process. Yes, that is very true! AND AAGGGHHH I NEED PINTEREST!!! PLEASE MOM!!!
        Yes, I really do think so! I would really love to hear more about your novel and characters — would you like to exchange emails so we don’t have to take over the comments section? Or I could just contact you on your contact page if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it. Or you could not share it at all??? 😛 IDK, your call. 🙂
        (I saw your comment, here’s the link: )


      4. Greetings, Allie! (This is! 😄 ) *nods* I know, I know. Send me your thanks in bags of dried mangoes please. 😉 And that’s all right! I have to go shower anyways. 🙂


      5. ‘Sup, May! (Wow, I’ve turned to slang words. Yikes. *grates teeth*) Pineapples are nice, I agree. Fried Pumpkin is not actually I thing, LOL. I just thought of it, and thought it would be interesting. I think I’ll go with Fried Pumpkins. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Belo, Allie! (Is that Minion language I hear…? 😄 ) I feel like I’ve heard of fried pumpkins before… *shrugs* YAY YOU HAVE A BLOG FOOD NOW!!! I have so many besides mangoes, though, like apples and blueberries and dried cranberries and cookies and cream ice cream… 😄


  2. ooh, i loved loved this! Especially this line ” It wasn’t the past that bothered her. It was the future that scared her the most.” it alost sounded like a quote!! good job
    p.s where did you find those BEAUTIFUl arrow graphics


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