Writing + Spotify + Pinterest + To-Do’s {Possible Appearance Of Snippets}

  I took a break from character development, limited my plotting since I’ve already made it up to Chapter 11, and started writing. I know, naughty of me. I know inside that I should be developing AT LEAST Jave’s character, but honostly, it’s tiring! I just wanted to get on with it! And yes, I know that if her character isn’t deeply-developed than I’ll most likely have to throw away what I’ve written… but come on! I’ve turned into a Character-maker. Not a writer. I just want some good ole writing! Who’s with me?!
 Writing is just completely getting the best out of me… *grunt grunt*
Pretty much me all day…

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.11.07 PM.png

There. That’s some of the earlier stuff from today. I’ve written and revised about 3 pages. It might not SEEM like a lot, but it sure feels like thousands of pages. O_o
  I wish that I could be better at chasing scenes. Because there is lots of that. I’m getting to that point where it feels like this manuscript will flop. Honostly, it just takes A LOT of work. *those of you who DIDN’T know that, well, hate to break it to you, but your ignorant*
  On the bright side, Spotify has kept me from quitting. Then again, it distracts me from writing. I mean, it’s REALLY hard to write when your dancing and singing. Honostly.
  On the even brighter side, I FINALLY cleaned up my Pinterest. So I’ve been a lot more organized with my storyboard. 😉 *WARNING* organizingaholic. BEWARE.
  And… on the definatly-not-bright-at-all side of things… I have a lot of to-do’s for both writing and blogging. *teeth grating*
Not much else to say for today, so who wants some snippets?! Anyone?! Okay. Just me? Yeah, figures. Well, too bad. Because your GETTING snippets, children! Whether you like it or not!


None of these are in order AT ALL. I mean, that’s the order that they happened in, but there are a whole bunch of mission segments. So it probably doesn’t make much sense. 😉









And just for kicks, because the commander is such a jerk. 😉



 Do you use Spotify? Did you compile a writing playlist, unlike Yours Truly? Do you have a Pinterest storyboard for YOUR 2017 WIP? What did you think of my snippets? Which one was your favorite? Talk to me in the comments!



35 thoughts on “Writing + Spotify + Pinterest + To-Do’s {Possible Appearance Of Snippets}

  1. I WANT SPOTIFY AND PINTEREST!!! I think my mom will let me get Spotify but not Pinterest… BUT PINTEREST IS A MUST FOR WRITERS! AGH! Haha, because I’m not allowed to surf YouTube without parent permission, it’s hard for me to compile writing playlists. The only thing I use is Pandora, which is good but limited, so I don’t have any playlists, unfortunately. Your snippets were really great! You’ve got me intrigued about what’s going to happen next!


      1. I know!!! *cries* I’m going to ask her some day soon, though. I SEE SO MANY BLOGGERS WITH PINTEREST STYBOARDS AND I’M JUST LIKE GIVE ME. And I know!!! Spotify seems really awesome. And I can listen to Hamilton on it… 😛 Haha, it’s true, though! All that you’ve shared is super intriguing!


  2. I want Spotify now … 😄 Maybe this is all in my head, but I feel like if I get Spotify, good things will happen. 😛

    So … I have Pinterest storyboards for a lot of my projects … but no specific WIP for 2017. Like, halfway through 2017 (exactly, actually …) I’m gonna be finished up with Ivy Introspective and The Dressmaker’s Secret … but I haven’t really been keeping up my Pinterest boards for either of those projects because I’m lazy and all I do when I’m on Pinterest is look at cute animals and funny jokes. *nods* It’s really a waste of time … but I should really put some time into Pinteresting for writing. You should tell me how, Allie, ’cause I have no idea! 😛


    1. NO! Spotify is the cure to problems!!!!!!!

      Yeah, I know what you mean! That’s why I just HAD to organize my Pinterest. And now it’s even more fun to use! I mostly use pinterest for Blogging, writing, and pinning amazing Bible verses and ideas. Pinterest is how I keep my characters in line. 😉

      Haha, yes!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I know what you mean. Just do this; Hover over your page with all the boards. Then, go through and title them, “Organize” “Transfer” “delete” “Transfer / Delete” And then come back the next day, and make a goal to complete maybe 5 of those boards. Try to BEAT your goal, but five at least. 😉 Slowly but surely, you’ll be getting all of it done!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t use Spotify, actually, but I’ve heard good things about it! I use Pandora when going to bed, but when writing I just search for “epic music” or “epic emotional music” on youtube and listen to the hour or two-hour long mixes on there, which is great.

    Your story sounds interesting! My favorite snippet is the very last one…it’s just so short and awesome! Do you have a page/post about your novel that I can read? I’d love to learn more about it. 🙂

    I do have a pinterest board, but it’s hidden because there’s not all that much on it and I’m still not sure about the character pictures. Also, pinterest isn’t working for me because of this filterer my dad installed…so I’m not able to actually use it, haha.


      1. WOAH. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. *should probably get Spotify, in that case, since I don’t want to die* 😛

        Oooh yayy! *goes to check it out* Oooh, it sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to hear more about it! That’s really awesome. Good luck with your writing!

        Yeah…at least I got to use it for a little while! 😀


  4. Your WIP looks so interesting, Allie! Your writing is stellar. ❤️
    Ooh what’s your Spotify username? I’m on there all the time, I love it so much. 😂 (My username is mistythewriter)


  5. I don’t keep up with my Pinterest storyboards…. it gets distracting. xD And the pins never fit the book. Like the character inspirations? Always off from my actual characters. It’s silly, but drives me crazy! Lol. xD
    I do have a Spotify! And I have a playlist for almost all of my books, even the ones I’m not working on. 🙂 My novel Seek’s playlist is crazy. Haha.
    I like the last snippet, with her running! 0-0 Nice.


  6. Hey there! Boy your story is gooooood. I’ve been thinking of making a Pinterest for.my blog…. But i don’t normally use Pinterest A Lot tho. What’s WIP 2017?💟💟💟


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