Writing With Fury Link-Up #1

Hello, happy almost-March! I can’t believe it’s we’re already about two FULL months into the year!? 😉

Today I’m going to be hosting the Writing With Fury link-up with the wonderful Grace, over at The Girl Upstairs. For those of you who read The Writer’s Prompt Challenge post, you know that Grace is kindly hosting that with me as well! (If you havn’t written/submitted your February Edition Entry, your welcome to do so by emailing me with your story, at savedthroughgrace@gmail.com, or leave a comment at the end of this post or the TWPC post with the link to YOUR blog post which SHOULD include your entry! The deadline’s coming up here on the 22 of February!) 

Anyway, Writing With Fury is a linkup for writers, to better develop their stories, characters, and Writing Goals. We’ll [Grace and I] be providing questions on the VERY FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month. We’ll be posting new questions the next month. No deadline, no contest. Simply copy and paste the questions from the original post, onto your post, answer them, post it, and participate [hopefully] next month! You can jump in WHENEVER you want, WHEREVER you want! If you’d rather use the questions from a different month, go ahead!

I’m sorry that this post isn’t very organized 😄 . I figured that since it’s only awhile until March, it would be fine to skim a bit. 😉 I would have pretty seperators for the different sections, but this is the best I can do at the moment. ❤

Anyway, let’s move on to the questions and rules. 😉

What is Writing With Fury? 
Writing With Fury is for writers. Every month, Grace and I will post a list of 10 questions for you to answer about your writing, from monthly writing goals to characters to plot.
Can I join Writing With Fury anytime? 
Absolutely! It’s created so you can jump in whenever new questions are posted. They’ll be posted at the beginning of the month, but you can join in at any time you want.
Can I submit questions to Writing With Fury? 
Yes! It would be awesome if you can. If you’d like to submit questions, email me HERE, or email Grace here.
When is Writing With Fury? 
The meme is live on the first Wednesday of every month! You can join in at any time during the month, just add your post-url in the comments!


and now for the questions. ❤


1. What are your top-3 Writing to-do’s for this month? 
2. What is your #1 goal for progress with your WIP for this month? 
3. Can you describe your plotting process? 
4. Do you work best with a friend helping in the plotting process, or are you rocking the lone-wolf thing?
5. How are you going to execute your to-dos for this month?
6. Are you fairly organized with your writing, Or messy?
7. What, in your opinion, is the best way of keeping track of your instant ideas?
8. Binder, Pinterest board, notebook, or scattered sticky notes?
9. Aesthetic in pictures or words!
10. How will you reward yourself if you complete your goals and tasks?


Follow the guidline’s, and be sure to visit the FAQ page. ❤ And again, BE SURE TO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!! (February 22, 2017!) Be sure to check out Grace’s blog, leave her a nice comment, follow, write your TWPC entry, get the Writing With Fury post written, and have a beautiful March!


Will you be participating in this Writing With Fury? Have you submitted your TWPC entry yet? Do you know Grace from The Girl Upstairs? What are some good questions for the Writing With Fury Link-up? Let me know in the comments! I love talking with you guys!!! ❤




8 thoughts on “Writing With Fury Link-Up #1

  1. Quick question- what is WIP? Is that some kind of writing group or curriculum? I’ve seen that word a lot on your blog, but I have no idea what it means. ?????????????????


      1. So it’s not like an actual Writing program? I am using the One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum to write my first novel, can I still be a part of the WIP group?


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