2017 Reads || A Prayer Journal Entry, SJP’s Giveaway, & Jaclynn’s Birthday!


Hello, everyone, and happy Tuesday!

  Yesterday, I spent a few minutes here and there, compiling one of my favorite kinds of lists… a reading list! Well, it’s more a sort of reading schedule… But still, it’s pretty fun! And I have always wanted to show you guys what I’m reading, so this was the perfect opportunity to do that!

  I’ll also have a few pictures of the reading schedule up, if you guys want a sneak peak at how totally amazing it is! 

DISCLAIMER: All photographs are taken and uploaded by Allie Taylor, the owner of this blog. Please do not steal them without my permission. Thank you!


  There’re eight books that I’m going to be reading consistently, none of which are assigned readings. {If you do want to see some of that, leave a comment below!} I’m reading two books a day, by the way.


  This one has to be one of my favorites. It’s called Living in the Light of Eternity, by K.P. Yohannan, and it’s truly amazing so far! I’ve gotten up to page 16, just because I’ve been reading other things, and didn’t divide the reading up into portions so I can focus on the right ones and still read the others and blah blah blah…

  I’ll be reading this one on Thursdays, with The Maze Runner. Odd mix, eh?


  I bought a copy of Tortured For Christ for my friend, Haley, for Christmas, and one for myself! I could go on and on about this one, but I’ll just say that I read Richard Wurmbrand’s short biography, and it was just great! That’s why I ended up buying this one! I haven’t actually read past the introduction yet, but since it’s now scheduled, I will soon!

  This one is scheduled for Friday, next to American Miracle.


The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, has to be my second favorite. It’s a perfect insight, and very interesting and true. I also bought one of these for my friend, Haley. She’s up to letter fourteen, I think, and she says that it’s amazing! Today I finished the tenth letter.

  This one is for Tuesdays, along with Rush Revere and the Presidency, (which I neglected to read because I was busy getting College stuff set up.) BUT I DID GET A LETTER IN!


  Is The Bible Reliable? is just amazing so far! I’ve only made it to page 16, but it’s got a great start!!! It’s written by John Macarthur, jr. This is actually the first book I’ve read by the son, but I’ve read a few by John Macarthur… I think. O_o

  Scheduled for Mondays, (which I DID NOT do, because I was lazy. I ddin’t actually read anything on Monday. O_o) with the fifth Keeper book, Lodestar. (I won Lodestar in Clara‘s giveaway! Check out her blog!)


  Rush Revere and the Presidency… ahhh. Written by the #1 NYT best-selling author, Rush Limbaugh, it’s certainly an amazing read! I’ve read the first three, skipped the fourth, and haven’t started on this one, even though it was assigned for today. (Tuesdays.)


  Keeper Of The Lost Cities: Lodestar, is probably my third favorite!!! It’s super fun, and written by Shannon Messanger! Amazaingly creative! I’m on chapter six.

  Scheduled with Is The Bible Reliable? for Mondays.


  The American Miracle is a new read that my dad actually got for Christmas from papa (his dad) written by Micheal Medved. I’ve never read it, or anything by him, so this will be interesting. I do love history, though!

  Scheduled for Friday, with Tortured For Christ.


  And… THE MAZE RUNNER!!! This one is no-doubt my favorite! I’m the wierd sci-fi, Christian, homeschooler girl who just is obsessed with anything futuristic, dystopian, science fiction. 😄 I’m on chapter eight. My sister, Hailey, and I have been watching The Maze Runner movies, and we just finished the Scorch Trials… AWAITING THE DEATH CURE IN 2018!!!

  Reading on Wednesdays, with Living In The Light Of Eternity!


  And that’s what I’m reading in 2017! Once I finish them all (or the majority of them, at least) I’ll be posting the next round of 2017 Reads, okay?

  Now, would you like to SEE the schedule?! No? WELL TOO BAD! 


  That’s the very top, where it says, “Reading Schedule”. It’s in a pretty cursive fonts, HANDDRAWN by ME! *not cocky at all*


  What are those black dots? I took Chalk Board spray, and a pad of circular Dr. Suess, Cat In The Hat, whatever-was-lying-around stickers, and sprayed the whole sheet. After I let them dry, they became dry-erase stickers. I’m writing then erasing what the next chapter is. The ones in the lines are for checking off if I got all of that days reading done.


  This has to be my favorite picture! It’s just beautiful! 

  That’s the promised sneak-peek!

I do have a few more announcements before you go, however. 

  First off, Happy eighteenth Birthday, Jaclynn!!! I pray that God leads you to amazing things in your adult years, and I pray that he also grants you wiseness for making the decisions needed. ❤ Happy birthday, you amazing girly!

  Next, I’d like to announce that Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages is celebrating her three years of blogging with a giveaway!!! Enter, but beware, if you win instead of me… watch your back. Totally kidding, yet not. 😄

  And finally, one more thing before a prayer journal entry, I’d like to announce that I’m going off to college! Okay, fine. I’m not going to be ATTENDING college for another three years, but I AM going to be touring! So in a couple months, I will be absent from my blog and everything else for about a month. But! I will be back to answer any comments and you guys leave while I’m gone! Please don’t stop leaving them! They make my day!

  Now for an entry which I thought was worth adding to this post. ❤ Please note that if I forgot about anything rather private inside the entry, I’ll be skipping over that. 😉

  You have comforted me, my cries have been heard
Dear Jesus,
  I’m writing to you today for two reasons. A) I’m wondering why things can’t just happen by luck? B) when I said, “Lord, I’m scared! I don’t want to go to hell!” I heard a voice. I know it was yours. You said, “Don’t worry. You’ll be in heaven with me.” How amazing. ❤ I was instantly filled with joy. – Allie

  So, yeah! That’s about it for today!


 What did you think of my book haul? Have you read any of those? Can you guess how I picked the order I’ll be reading them in? (God bless Eenie meenie minie moe!) Will you be wishing Jaclynn a happy birthday?! Have you heard about Amanda’s giveaway? WISH ME LUCK ON TOURING THE COLLEGE! Are you a highschool grad, or in highschool? I AM! Well, in highschool. 😄 Did you like the photos? Let me know in the comments! 




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