The Writer’s Prompt Challenge #2 + Last Months’ Winners


DISCLAIMER: YES THIS WAS ANNOUNCED RATHER EARLY. But I needed to get this post up before I forgot. And yes, I could have scheduled it, but I wanted Grace to have plenty of time to respond with her next challenge post. 😉 So, yeah! Early, way early, but hey! No harm, right?


Hello, everyone!

Happy Wednesday! The long awaited announcing of last months winners has finally come! And may I just say… THIS WAS HARD!!! Every entry was so perfectly written. And I am NOT JUST SAYING THAT!!! They went above and beyond, and were just so perfect!!! Honostly, there were two that were just– GAH! In that case, I was rather naughty and tied them both for first place. And for you random person who I shall not announce until you realise you got third, let me just say; I did NOT want to put you in third. Your entry deserved first. So did 2nd Place’s entry. But how wierd would that be to put four people as “tied for first”?! Crazy, right?! So, yes. This was by FAR the hardest judging EVER! And for those of you who got Honorable Entries, let me just make this clear; I didn’t want you there, either. Y’all deserved second or third. But again, I probably shouldn’t tie more than one group. Right? I don’t know.

So, warning, two of you got tied for first!

Also, there will be NO BADGES for blogs this month, because I have been so swamped, I just never got around to making them for three different winners! So, again, sorry. I’m going to beg Grace to make them, hopefully she’ll have compassion and do it for my poor over-worked blogging soul! Again, sorry! But hey! Still make it clear on your blog that you got whatever you got!!!

One for thing: Grace will be posting the NEXT challenge (Challenge Number 2) on her blog. I don’t know when she’ll have the post up, but I know it’ll be up within a week of me posting this. Make sure to follow her blog so you’ll know right away when #2 is posted on her site. Normally things will be organized SO MUCH BETTER, but this month has been COOKOO!!! So, yeah! Follow The Girl Upstairs to never miss a challenge!


Now, for the winners! *feels bad because most deserved first place, and others deserved second place, and no less!*




The woman’s voice was irresistibly soothing as her words floated into the air, making me fall into a drifty sleep.

This is a test, I thought to myself. They can’t hurt me. They can’t. Hurt me. Me.

As I lay there, vulnerable and exposed, I wanted to cry but her voice came back again and I could feel my pulse slow down as if I was in some sort of trance. The wires were still attached to my brain as well as my arms and feet, but I couldn’t seem to care less. It was nice like that, the white walls surrounding me as the words of a lullaby comforted me, and as my eyes began to droop, I couldn’t help but admit that I loved this.
A few minutes ago, I had been wanting to escape. But from what? How could have I wanted the outside, dangerous, and cruel world, when I could have THIS. A sort of feeling I could not describe. Not in words. Not in paintings. Not in a language anyone could understand. Not ever.
I was almost hungry.Ravenous. More, I begged silently. I was so giddy that even the when the sharpest needle was pulled out, I didn’t seem to care. She jabbed me and I was swimming in a sea of blackness.

Flashes of a memory came back to me.A storm. Lightening. My mother with a sword in hand, begging me to keep the CD close to my chest. But I hadn’t listened. And I had thrown the disk down the cliff, along with my screaming mother.What had happened? Was I evil too?
I woke up with a start. All traces of the memory in my dreams, vanished from my mind. Instead they were replaced with a million emotions.

Confused.Betrayed. Broken.Terrified. My heart felt shattered, like someone had torn it apart and trampled all over it and then spat on it. How? I wanted to cry but the numbness was taking over and all I could do was lie there in shock, screaming on the inside. I hated it, I wanted to die there and then. Even existing felt like a chore.

The women, however, seemed to not care of the state I was in. She was making notes on a clipboard, and I realised, there were other people with her, analaysing a machine attached to me.
“Tell me why” I choked out.

I didn’t even know what I was asking about but I needed some answer. It felt as if I was clutching on to straws. But, this time, the straws only meant me drinking in more of their tricks.

“I’m sorry I lied. But they made me.”
And then something happened.

I couldn’t breathe.

I was out cold.


Congradulations, Mahriya! Your stry was just fantastic, and completely deserved 1st place. Just… awe-stricken over here!!!



“Alexa, want to dance?” Stuttered a sweet, gangly boy with startling aqua eyes against his creamy brown skin. I sighed and tore my eyes away.

“I guess,” I shrugged shyly, tucking a strand of wavy caramel hair behind one ear. In reality, dancing with Thomas was the last thing I wanted to do, but it’s not like I had a choice.

“Why have you been acting so weird lately? You don’t talk to me anymore. I-I miss you,” he stammered shyly, shaking to a beat nobody else could hear.

“Look, Thomas-its complicated,” I muttered, trying to pull away, but he grabbed my hand and kept me from moving any farther. I wished he would let go. His hand was too tight, too sweaty, too… wrong.

“Another straight answer. Tell me the truth for once in your life! You’ve been avoiding us. Felicia and I noticed, ya know,” Thomas cried exasperatedly. A chill ran up my spine when he uttered Felicia’s name. Her words filled my ears, and I struggled not to cry.

“Get away from me, you… you… I don’t even know what you are anymore!” She had screamed, her lip curled in disgust as she backed away, not waiting until I was out of sight to break into a run.

“I’m sorry I lied. But they made me,” I choked out before pulling my hand from his grasp and running out into the dark. Lightning crackled at my fingertips as I took one last look at them gym, lit up brightly against the darkened sky.

“Goodbye, Felicia. I… I…” I burst into tears, unable to continue. Then I drew the sword from the folds of my dress and the world faded away in a blossom of pain and fear.


Pure perfection, Izzy! Your entry was perfection at it’s peek! That’s why I tied you for first with Mahriya!!!


The door opened with a grating sound as it scraped the floor and interrupted the tense silence that loomed heavily over the small sitting room. Two figures stumbled in under drenched cloaks. Alastair leaped to his feet and clenched his jaw. His hands instinctively flexed in and out of fists.

Before they even removed the hoods of their cloaks, Alastair knew that it was Auden and Liam. When the siblings’ faces were revealed, Liam immediately met his gaze. All the deep anger and raw pain that Alastair had been concealing inside himself for the past weeks flared to life inside his chest.

Striding across the room, he unsheathed the dagger from his belt in one fluid motion and only stopping a foot or so from Liam. He pointed the end of the blade at Liam’s chest and stared up into the unflinching aqua eyes framed by curly brown hair. As he glared into the face of the tall boy that he had once called his friend, the thought of Liam’s sweet personality and good nature made him want to vomit.

“How dare you?” Alastair ground through his teeth.“How could you betray them like that?”

I’m sorry that I lied. But they made me,” Liam said quietly, averting his gaze. A cold laugh broke from Alastair. He shoved the point of the blade against the fabric of Liam’s shirt.

“Get away from him,” Auden gasped, whipping out her own dagger toward Alastair. He ignored her.

“Auden, don’t,” Liam said, holding up his hand. “Let him speak his piece.”

She hesitated and lowered her blade to her side.

“I should kill you. You let them be… Slaughtered… Your own people,” Alastair spat.

“You should be grateful,” Auden said sharply, jabbing a finger at him. Alastair shot her a dangerous, burning glare. She continued anyway. “Liam saved our lives.Yes, he had to make a tough choice, and you don’t agree with it. But it was either them or us.”

“He had a third option,” Alastair said in a low tone. He flashed Liam a lethal scowl.

Auden gasped in horror. Liam clenched his eyes shut and hung his head.

“Why you-“ Auden growled, lifting her dagger again. Liam’s arm lifted to stop her, though his gaze stayed fixed to the floor.

“No. Alastair is right,” he said quietly. His eyes lifted to reflect only raw pain and torment. “I did have a third option. I was a coward. If anyone deserves death, it is me.”

Amazing job, Anna! I loved it so much, and it was simply splendid!


“I’m sorry I lied.  But they made me,” she said apologetically.  “No one made you do anything, Annie,” replied Andrew coldly.  They walked briskly down the worn down trail in the woods.  It was dark and very quiet out.

Andrew went on, “You didn’t have to lie.  You only did it because you were scared.  You feared what they might have done to you if you’d have told the truth.  But you know just as well as I do that they wouldn’t have harmed you in any way.  They need you too much.”  Annie shrugged.  “I guess.”

Andrew stopped in his tracks, signaling Annie to do the same.  They stood there, in the dead silence.  Nothing.  Annie didn’t know what was up with Andrew but he sure was acting weird.  She looked at him curiously.  “What is it?” she mouthed.  He did nothing.  Just stood there, staring back at her.  His curly brown hair being blown by the wind, his ears straining to hear a sound of some kind.

Footsteps.  Heavy footsteps.  He knew they were coming.  He quickly grasped Annie’s hand and urged her to follow him.  They ran as quietly and swiftly away as possible.

            Lightning struck.  Then the rain came.  Andrew and Annie continued to press on.  They ran for a solid ten minutes then stopped.  They came to an old shack.  Annie had never seen the place before.  But from the look in Andrew’s aqua blue eyes she had the feeling he knew exactly where they were.  They ushered inside and Annie struggled to force the door shut against the wind.

“What is this place?” asked Annie, looking around.  Andrew was silent.  “Andrew, why aren’t you answering to me?” she asked in frustration.  “Shhh!!” Andrew placed his index finger on his lips, instructing her to be quiet.  Whoever it was that was after them was not far behind.  They could hear them coming, even in the downpour.

Annie followed Andrew to a corner in the back of the one room building. In the wall was hidden a secret compartment.  Andrew quickly opened the compartment.  Sitting in the drawer was a single disc.  Written on it were the words, “This is everything I didn’t say.” Annie expressed a look of confusion.

“Just listen to it,” Andrew ordered.  “But we haven’t time we have to leave before they-“ she was cut off.  “No! We’ll get out of here in time just listen to this.  It’s your mother.”

Annie’s jaw practically dropped to the floor. Her mother?  Annie was pretty sure her mother didn’t want anything to do with her, considering the fact that Annie had only met her once.  And that was years ago.

Andrew placed the disc in the CD player that sat on a side table.  The recording began to play.  Listening to her mother’s voice was like getting stabbed in the back for Annie.

Five minutes went by of just Annie’s mother pouring out her heart to her daughter.  Telling her why she had left her and never came to see her; expressed her love for Annie.  Annie was taken aback.  She didn’t know what to think. Tears stung her eyes.  She quickly blinked them away though.  She wouldn’t dare start crying in front of Andrew.  The recording stopped and as quick as a flash Andrew took out the disc and pulled Annie by the arm over to a secret compartment.  He pressed a hidden square in the wall and a much bigger compartment opened.  A secret passage way.  They entered and quickly shut the door behind them, just in the nick of time.

Amazingly written and briliant story, Jade! Congradulations!


Gracie’s entry
  “Natalie, wait up!” I called as I caught up with her. “Are you in some sort of a rush or something?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled, her bright aqua blue eyes sparkling. “I’m sorry Clarabelle, I was thinking; I didn’t hear you yelling,” she said sweetly. “do you want to walk home together?” I asked. She sighed. “well, I’d love to. But I can’t, I’m sorry.” “why not?” I asked curiously. “i have something important to do, and I just can’t miss it,” she said softly. “oh, okay,” I sighed. “I’m sorry, you’ll just have to walk home alone today.” “that’s what you said yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and–” “Clarabelle, I’m sorry. If you only knew…” she trailed off. “if I only knew what?” I asked. “nothing, I gotta go. Bye!” she yelled as she ran ahead of me until she was out of sight. I stood there alone for a second. “I’ve gotta find out what’s going on with her. This can’t go on any longer,” I said aloud to myself. Then I ran as fast as I could, my long wavy caramel hair swaying as I ran. I found her walking into a building in the middle of the woods. I waited outside the building until she came out again. “you’re busted,” I said as she walked by me. “oh! Clarabelle, you startled me,” she shrieked. “what were you doing in there?” I asked. She grabbed a section of her curly brown hair and began twisting it around her finger – she did that whenever she was nervous. “well, Clarabelle. I–” “Natalie, friends don’t keep secrets from each other.” I interrupted. “it’s really nothing, do you want to walk home together now?” she asked changing the subject. “Natalie, I know you’re keeping something from me. What is it?” I prodded. “Look, Clarabelle.” she took a deep breath, reached into her pocket, pulled out a CD case and handed it to me. “I’m sorry I lied. But they made me.” “what–” she ran off and left me standing alone outside the building. I opened the case and inside was a disc that said “This is Everything I didn’t say.”


Olivia’s entry
Raynee sat in her room, listening. Lightning flashed, revealing long, wavy, caramel hair and sharp grey eyes full of tears. She was listening to a CD she had stepped on outside an hour ago.
Picture Prompt:

Her brother had left it before he left, apparently to explain things.
“I’m sorry I lied. But they made me.”
As she heard her brothers voice, she imagined him standing there, tall, curly brown hair and aqua eyes. He was explaining the reasons behind his actions, but she was too devastated to listen properly. He had helped the scary people with the swords for months, in secret, and now they had two unicorns and her brother. She had always thought her brother was the good guy, but now he was really the bad guy. Raynee made a decision. She was going to fix it. She knew it deep down, but she was scared. So scared. She took a deep breath as the CD ended. “I’m going to find you Andrew. And I swear that you will help me fix this mess you’ve made.”

  And, yeah! That about wraps up today’s post! Again, sorry everything was such a mess! Things have been going on lately and it’s been hard to keep up! But I do have a surprise for y’all which should be announced either this comin’ weekend, or the following weekend.
Bummed with the results? Surprised? Confused why I posted this so oddly early?! Were one of those YOUR entries? Will you be participating in March 2017’s TWPC? I hope so! Grace will be judging that one! Anyway, talk to me in the comments!

44 thoughts on “The Writer’s Prompt Challenge #2 + Last Months’ Winners

  1. These were all AH-MAZING. I might have to join in next time – this looks like a lot of fun! 😀

    (ooh, I had a question, Allie – how did you make your header? I LOVE IT, and I’m thinking about changing mine up some, so I’m trying to decide what kinds of designs I like)

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    1. THEY ALL WERE SPLENDID! OOOOOh! I hope you do!!!!!

      Oh, yeah, sure! Here’s a segment from an email that I sent to Emma who had the same question. 😄
      “I know that there is an article about it somewhere on the Picmonkey website, I just don’t know quite where, unless I were to look it up, which I might do by the end of this email. Or, if you’d like, it might be easier for me to make one for you. If you’d like, of course. Either way, I’ll try looking it up.
      Found it after some searching!
      Again, if you’d like, I’d still be more than happy to do a header for you. If you think it suits. ;)”
      Hope that helps!

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  2. I won in second?!?! *screaming and jumping up and down in pure delight* I’ve never won in any writing challenge or contests before!!! I can’t even think straight right now!!

    I love everyone’s entries!!! This was so much fun! I’ll definitely be doing it again next month! 😀

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    Remember that post you did with the freebies? You had one that said, “I’m A Writer, What’s Your Superpower?” I really want to use it for a profile pic on a writing site, but I can’t find the post with it! Could you email it to me?

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  4. Oh, I loved these! Congrats to the winners! And, also, I know this is a very random question, but where do you get all the images for your posts? I mean the ones with the titles and stuff on them…is there a website or something with free images, or do you take them? Again, sorry for the extremely random question…lol. 🙂 😉

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