Guys, I’m With Blogspot Now… So, Bye!

According to the last post about me and my leaving the blogging world, you guys don’t believe me that I’m moving. Well, just because I said I was full on LEAVING last time, this time I’ve come to say that I’m leaving… WordPress. A few of you guessed from my LAST post. Most of you had no clue ’cause you never read my posts. SHAME!

But I’m serious.




Why am I leaving?

Because A) Blogger offers SO much more! Coding, personalized EVERYTHING, and just YEAH! Also, I have so many friends over on Blogger. And this way, their posts will come to my reader! That doesn’t mean I don’t love YOUR posts coming to my reader. BECAUSE I DO! It’s just, I really love blogger. A LOT.

B) Everything is cheaper over there. .com domains are only $1 a month!!!! 

Now, the design’s not finished, but it’s gettin’ there! And I was going to wait to post this, but I just couldn’t.

A few of you have already had a sneak peek at the new blog, like Sarah and Anika and Christine and anyone who frequently checks out my blogger profile and Pinterest. But most of you had NO IDEA!

NOW DON’T WORRY! You can still easily follow my blogspot blog in your WordPress reader. You just can’t comment directly on them.

I do hope you all still stick with me over there. Really, I do.

Now, for the link.

The Depth Of My Faith 2.0

Goodbye, wordpress! Goodbye wordpressers! Goodbye all!

P.S. don’t cry, this is totally a joke.

P.P.S. Just kidding, I’m totally serious. I’m moving. Bye!


– Allie


14 thoughts on “Guys, I’m With Blogspot Now… So, Bye!

  1. I’ll be following you in my WordPress, but probably won’t be commenting as much since I don’t like commenting in Blogspot blogs- such a hassle! 🙂 I’ll still be reading, though.


  2. WHAT ALLIE NOOOOOO *cries* It’s okay, I understand. *tears* I shall follow you there, though!

    (Also, because I cannot comment with my name/url, WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE A PIANO PLAYER!!! And great Beautiful People post. 😉 )


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