For Readers

Untitled-23.pngHi! I’m so happy you found your way here! On this page, there should be links to different blogs and books and author sites that promote reading and writing. If you know of any good sites, (they don’t have to be reading/writing related, they can totally just have good content. 😉 ) than I’d love it if you could leave a link in the comment section!

Reveries by Kellyn Roth (Writing, Reading)

Christ Is Write by Tessa Emily Hall (Writing, Reading)

Great Books For God’s Girls (Reading, Christ)

Young Ladies For Christ by the girls and I! (Christ, Writing, DIY, MISC)

Girls Living For God’s Glory (Christ, MISC)

Becoming Esther by Melody & Kenya (Christ)

Girl’s Living 4 God  (Christ)

Christ Centered Girls by Kylie & the team (Christ, MISC)

The Girl Upstairs by Grace (Writing, Reading, MISC)

Becoming Lost by Hannah (she’s retiring from the blog in February, but you can still access her old content since she’s leaving the blog up.)



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