The Authoress

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Hey! I’m Allie; the INTJ behind this blog! I’m am a child of Jesus Christ, and have been blessed to have received His perfect gift, the Gift of eternal life.

I’m also a writer! I love writing with all my heart, and just ADORE writing arguments between two extremely sassy characters, because hey! It’s fun!

Simple is my style. Adventure is my game. Christ is my motivation. I love sci-fi movies with wierd twists, and books with intimidating, yet deep, main characters. I love getting letters in the mail, listening to Piano Guys, being home alone with me, myself, and I. I LOVE organizing. Seriously. I like cleaning (on my own terms.) I love sticky notes, and story plots. I’m random, yet organized. I love designing my blog, and talking with friends. But not too many. One or two are good. 😉

Little Ceasers. Christmas lights. Books. Twisted Nails. Writing Leftovers. The Accountant. Jesus Christ. Journals. Sticky notes. Organization. Lists. It’s go-time.



What might you find around The Depth of my Faith? Writing articles, encouraging posts with occasional rants, snippets from my WIPs, writing contest entries, and faith-related ramblings.

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Since I started The Depth of my Faith, it’s been a mission. A mission to share God’s love and grace with everyone across the world. I dream of touching their lives with the amazing gift of salvation, given by Jesus Christ. He’s been my motivation for this site. My passion is Jesus, and that is the passion behind the blog. ❤


I want to wake up every morning and decide to honor God with everything I do. I want Him to say, when all is done, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ I want to have faith day by day, trusting the Lord with my life. I want to win hearts for Jesus, so that they can be filled with the peace and joy of knowing that they will be in heaven for eternity, that I adore. The purpose of this blog is to show them Christ through all I do.